IFCA Convention Messages and a Summer Break

Drs. Mike Vlach, Tommy Ice, Larry Pettegrew, and me. It looks like we were lined up according to height.😂

Today I am at Twin Peaks Bible Camp in Colorado (twinpeaksbiblecamp.org) teaching at their High School camp for the week. With no wifi or even cell phone service, I am completely unplugging for the week. Then for the next two weeks I’m going to be enjoying some much needed rest with my family as we camp in beautiful Michigan. That means that I won’t be posting anything new here for a little more than three weeks. If you want to know when I start writing again, I’d recommend that you subscribe to this blog and an email will be sent to you when new posts are uploaded.

To keep you occupied until I get back, we have uploaded the audio and video files of our General Sessions from the 2021 IFCA Annual Convention to our Sermon page (https://www.ifca.org/page/sermons). These include the messages from me, Mike Vlach, Tommy Ice, and Larry Pettegrew. You can also find the two panel discussions: On Social Justice and Race, and On Eschatology, also on the IFCA sermons page. Next week our staff will begin uploading the seminar audio from the convention as well and you will be able to listen to those from the same page.

As an additional treat, you can now freely read and download the VOICE magazine issue where we address Social Justice/CRT from a biblical perspective. It has been our most popular issue to date. Feel free to share it, and if you’d like contact our office to purchase physical copies. The digital magazine can be read here: https://www.ifca.org/file/2ef529c0-e970-11eb-9a41-239c885721a6

Looking forward to posting new content in mid-August!

How the News Media Can Affect Your Spiritual Life (weekend repost)

With the proliferation of media sources it is possible to take in news and media non-stop from all over the world instantaneously at any hour of the day. Because of this mass flow of information, it is easy for Christians to become swept up in the downpour of news and information. And although it is good that we become aware of what is going on in our world so that we can be informed, like any good thing, there’s also a need to guard our hearts against the negative effects on our souls.

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Preaching Christ from All of Scripture? TMS Lecture Series #1- Richard Mayhue


One of the more difficult issues that often comes up in preaching is how to properly preach the gospel in any given sermon. Obviously, there are texts which easily lend themselves to preaching the gospel, but how can we be faithful to stress the authorial intent of the Bible and still be faithful to preach Christ?

Thankfully, back in 2016 The Master’s Seminary held its annual Faculty Lecture Series on Christ-Centered Preaching. I would commend the whole series to you if you struggle with this issue, which many men do, but I want to take some time here to highlight each message and then when I have finished the sermon series I’d like to make some practical applicational comments for how we can preach Christ in our sermons in a way that is biblically faithful to the text.

The first message is from Dr. Richard L. Mayhue, the former dean of The Master’s Seminary from 1990 to 2014.

His message can be be heard here as audio or video.

In this message, Dr. Mayhue covers:

  • An Overview of the Christ-Centered Preaching Movement
  • An Overview of the Improper Practices of the Movement
  • And Overview of Legitimate Christ-Centered Preaching

“It is exegetically fraudulent to try to extract from every biblical text some truth about Christ.”–Daniel Block

Dr. Mayhue briefly addresses the argument used to defend this preaching from texts such which seem at first glance to say that Christ can be found in the totality of the Old Testament, such as Luke 24:44; John 5:39; 1Cor 1:22-23; 1Cor 2:2; 2Cor 4:5. He also deals with the issue of hermeneutics and how coming to the text with a theological bias may allow for preaching Christ in every text, but it also abuses the authorial intent of the text. Likewise, Mayhue argues that a Christo-centric hermeneutic falls short of a full theocentric emphasis in Scripture and points to John Calvin himself as a good model of faithful, biblical exposition which does not fall into the same pitfalls as modern Christo-centric preachers.

Although this message clocks in at 52:31, it only begins to scratch the surface of the issues at hand and does not deal with a lot of the issues, nor does it help much in showing a young expositor how Christ can be preached in many texts other than those which are explicitly Messianic. That task is left for those that will follow.


The Longest Journey-How God Opened the Eyes of Two Italian Nuns

This video tells the sweet story of two former Italian nuns, Cristiana and Annamaria, who found Christ in much the same way that Martin Luther did–through reading the Scriptures. Produced by Biblical Ministries Worldwide, this encouraging short documentary (36:30) illustrates the biblical truth that the power of the gospel is the Word of God.

The Longest Journey from Biblical Ministries Worldwide on Vimeo.