Are You Chasing Church Health or Church Growth?

Healthy tree

The term recovery is used in the medical field, and that makes it appropriate for church revitalization, because our goal should be to have a healthy church. So many pastors and church leaders today are striving for church growth, but that is putting the cart before the horse. The objective should not be church growth, but church health, because growth must proceed from health.”

–Harry L. Reeder, III; From Embers to a Flame, 46.

Biblical Balance in Worship that Is Not Disconnected from Time


“Good worship does not engage in the arrogance of modernity, which disconnects from the past, nor does it participate in the idolatry of traditionalism, which lives in the past. Rather, we should begin with the great classical worship that at one time was contemporary and has now become tried and true, and then build upon it, being ready to absorb that which is excellent in the present. Good worship is offered in spirit and in truth, honors Christ, and facilitates the praise of God’s people and the communication of the gospel to the lost. It is connected to the past without living in the past, contextualized in the present without accommodating the present, and setting a pattern to shape the future instead of becoming dated in the future.”

–Harry L. Reeder, III;  Embers to a Flame, 34-35.