Watching the Sprouts Grow

Yesterday I posted about the encouragement that I have felt when I read or hear about others who struggle in the good work of church planting. I don’t feel so alone when things aren’t going as I have planned them. I’m so thankful that I have other encouragements in church planting than the fact that others struggle. Yesterday more grace to continue was given to me by what I observed going on at church.

I strongly believe that formal discipleship is a major missing element in the church today, and I think I can back that claim up. And because of that, I have made extra effort to train the men and women of our church as is humanly possible. I believe that a biblically well-educated membership is a necessity to passing on the faith to others, so that I won’t be the only one making disciples forever. I need to be an equipper of saints who will go forward with the work of the ministry.

This year I have made an effort to spend 2-3 hours one on one with a brother in our church, and we have grown close because of this discipleship and friendship. But over the last few weeks, my disciple has been meeting with a disciple of his own. I watched them yesterday amid the VBS craziness sitting quietly at a table in the fellowship hall, sharing the Word over coffee and donuts. An investment of time and love is beginning to pay off spiritual dividends! Gospel multiplication at its best. Grace manifest to a little ministry like ours. God is so good. May His Kingdom flourish like this one-hundred fold.

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