Tabletalk: Letters From the Abyss

The newest issue of Tabletalk magazine/devotional will be a delight to C.S. Lewis fans and particularly those who enjoyed The Screwtape Letters. In the new February issue, there are 20 letters written to various fictitious demons from “Legion,” covering the following topics (followed by the authors):

  • Legalism (Sproul)
  • Racism (Anyabwile)
  • Divorcing Doctrine From Scripture (Clark)
  • False Humility (Donato)
  • Anti-Shpeherds (Grant)
  • Anxiety (Larson)
  • Self-Centered Sermons (Lucas)
  • Division (Mathison)
  • Marketing Jesus (Muether)
  • A Relegated Gospel (Parsons)
  • Missions (Robertson)
  • Idolizing Theology (Ross)
  • Hyper Criticism (Rothwell)
  • Cynicism (Sartelle)
  • Gossip (Sproul, Jr.)
  • Civil Religion (Stellman)
  • Concupiscence (Thomas)
  • Church Shopping (Trueman)
  • Not Protesting Evil (Veith)
  • Discontentment (Wilson)

Of course, Tabletalk also includes its great devotional articles and read through the Bible plan. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can click on the Tabletalk cover above and read some articles that Ligonier has been so gracious to share in hopes that you will see the benefits and subscribe.

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