What Are the Reasons that You Don’t Evangelize?

According to a 2013 Barna report, 73% of Born Again Christians believe that they have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others, but only 52% of those polled said they had actually shared their faith with someone else in the past year. (Link)

Do you share Christ with others? What encouragement can you give to those who don’t?

If you are among those who rarely evangelize, why not? What is the biggest reason that you don’t share Christ?

3 thoughts on “What Are the Reasons that You Don’t Evangelize?

  1. To those who don’t evangelize I would encourage them to do so in light of the Gospel, that we respond to the Gospel with loving obedience to Christ to make disciples

    • True, Slimjim. But as the Barna poll points out, almost all Evangelical Christians already know they are supposed to evangelize, and yet do not do so. Some churches use manipulation and guilt to push evangelism, which works in the short-term but is not biblical, although the need is urgent. Others offer training to overcome fear. What do you do practically to overcome some of those excuses you have encountered?

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