Not everything changes…

Winston Churchill is one of my favorite historical heros. His wit and wisdom is often needed in this flippant and politically correct age. Here is a great quote that I came upon today.

“It is curious that, while in the days of my youth I was much reproached with inconsistency and being changeable, I am now scolded for adhering to the same views I had early in life and even of repeating passages from speeches which I made long before most of you were born. Of course the world moves on and we dwell in a constantly changing climate of opinion. But the broad principles and truths of wise and sane political actions do not necessarily alter with the changing moods of a democratic electorate. Not everything changes. Two and two still make four, and I could give you other instances which go to prove that all wisdom is not new wisdom.” –Speech delivered in Manchester, December 6, 1947.

Fellow preachers, we should never be accused of preaching something new. Yes, new ways of saying old truths, but never allow novelty to replace the faithful declaration of those grand old doctrines of the faith.

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