Quick note about American Hispanics and the Prosperity Gospel

Lyndon Unger, following Dr. Albert Mohler, addresses what we have seen to be true for many years–Hispanics have gone from one damning heresy to another. We seriously have our work cut out for us.

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

I was listening to Al Mohler while having lunch today and he mentioned a recent Pew Research Center study on American Hispanics.  He mentioned that America Hispanics are leaving their traditional Catholic Churches in record numbers, and he said:

Now what’s really interesting in this report is where those who are following this kind of research indicate that Hispanics are going. You’ll notice two things were said in that Wall Street Journal article. The first is that there is a significant shift in terms of Hispanics in the United States away from Catholicism and towards evangelicalism, but when you look at the data more closely, it is clear that it’s not evangelicalism in general. That is the target where so many of these Hispanics are going. It is rather in particular charismatic evangelicalism, and precisely it is often the health and wealth gospel, the prosperity gospel, that is attracting many…

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