Tranquility is Found in God’s Sovereignty

stormCharles Spurgeon observed, “Because the Lord has bid the universe abide, therefore it stands, and all its laws continue to operate with precision and power. Because the might of God is ever present to maintain them, therefore do all things continue. The word which spake all things into existence has supported them till now, and still supports them both in being and in well-being. God’s ordinance is the reason for the continued existence of creation.”[1]

Why does the earth remain as it has? Because of the ordinance of God for it to remain. The King has decreed that the sun rise every morning, and so it has been since he gave that order. He has called for the weather to continue its cycles of wind, rain and snow, just as the seasons continue in their order—all because of the King’s commands.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Just as an earthly king’s decrees are obeyed by his human subjects, so too must the heavenly bodies and all of creation obey the Lord God—because as Psalm 119:91 says, “By your appointment they stand this day, for all things are your servants.” (Psalm 119:91, ESV). Our security is not in ourselves, but in Almighty God who stands above creation and in sovereign power over everything.

[1]Charles Spurgeon, Psalm 119:91, Treasury of David, 5:316.

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