A Reading List for Training Leaders

Portrait of John Calvin

Since my last post was about the necessity of biblical leaders setting the example for the church that is seeking revival, I thought that I would share with you the reading list that we have for preparing men for the roles of deacon and elder at our church. The list is not all-inclusive of what our men need in order to be prepared, but it is a starting point for dipping their feet into deeper theological waters. This reading list assumes a continuing reading of the Bible along with additional reading after this list is completed, as well as discussions, papers and oral exams.

Required reading materials:

  • Introduction to the IFCA International (5 pages)
  • A Short History of the IFCA (7 pages)
  • The Deliberate Church, Dever and Alexander (202 pages)
  • The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Dever (119 pages)
  • The Supremacy of God in Preaching, Piper (110 pages)
  • Preaching with Passion, Montoya (152 pages)
  • Dispensationalism, Ryrie (213 pages)
  • Biblical Calvinism, Daniels (13 pages)
  • The Doctrines of Grace, Boice and Ryken (226 pages)
  • Biblical Eldership (295 pages) or The New Testament Deacon (159 pages), Strauch
  • The Pastoral Epistles, Paul
  • Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, Tripp (354 pages)
  •  Lectures and Sermon Audio:
  • “Watch Your Life and Teaching” – C.J. Mahaney
  • “Abstain from Sexual Immorality” – John Piper
  • “Church, Congregationalism and Elders” – John Hammett and Phil Newton
  • “What is the Gospel?” – D.A. Carson
  • “Preaching the Gospel” – Tim Keller
  • “The Passion and Power of Apostolic Preaching” – Steve Lawson
  • “God, Psychology and Christian Care of the Soul” – David Powlison

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