What is Expository Preaching? Conclusion

Expository preaching seeks to declare the Word of God in the clearest fashion so that the message that God intended is left unhindered. This can only be done by following the historical grammatical principles of hermeneutics so as to come to the proper understanding of the text. The structure of the sermon that is derived from that understanding must also be taken from the structure of the Scriptures so that the biblical text is always served by the homiletics, not the other way around. That sermon, when properly applied to the lives of the modern hearer will be used by the Holy Spirit to move the hearers as He sees fit. Above all, expository preaching has a high view of Scripture because it seeks to bring glory to God. Although there are many other forms of preaching that exist in the world today, it is this writer’s strong conviction that expository preaching is the only biblical method of preaching that does justice to God and His Word and therefore ought to be the norm in the Church today.

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