Do you treat your church like a rental car?

rental car

“People treat rental cars much differently than cars they own, and people treat a church they “just rent” much differently than one where they “own the mission.” Pastors and church leaders aim for “buy-in” and “involvement,” but what they really long for is ownership. When we turn the pages of Scripture, we are forced to deal with a God who demands utter and absolute commitment to His ways and His cause. We are desperate for this radical ownership to be the mark of our local churches. As our church members embrace the beauty of mutual oneness and ownership in the local body, they move from “renting” or “borrowing” the mission they hear the preachers preaching and internalize the mission as their own.”

Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development, Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck, Kindle loc. 1837.

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