How NOT To Grow Christ’s Church


“What we see happening most often is that a Christian bored or unsatisfied with the goods and services at his church goes to the more attractive church with the more rockin’ worship, more dynamic preacher, fancier facility, better coffee, bigger kids’ or students’ ministry, etc., but five to six years later (and in many cases, even less), they become dissatisfied with that experience and are ready to go find another. It seems in fact that the very paradigm of the attractional church creates this instability. As a church seeks to speak into a particular demographic or life stage, channeling significant resources into certain key areas of a church, it ends up attracting people whose life stage or circumstances most resonate with those offerings. But when they stop resonating, they stop going. So the retention rate for the attractional megachurch is not very promising.”—Jared Wilson, The Prodigal Church, 35.

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