The Unnamed Faithful


I’ve been stuck at home for a little over a week recovering from minor surgery. This week our church (Grace Baptist Church) is doing what many churches all over America are doing–ministering to the local children with Vacation Bible School. I can’t be there with them, but our little church keeps plugging along faithfully as it has done for over 80 years.

Saints whose names are found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, but unknown to almost everyone else, are working hard all day at their regular jobs and then wolfing down dinner or skipping it altogether to go and serve the Lord for a couple more hours every night. They have been preparing, planning, decorating,  setting up, giving countless hours and dollars, and most of it will never be seen on this side of eternity.

As I think about my brothers and sisters tonight, I am grateful for their hard work and I am proud to be their pastor. They do it for Jesus. Even when I can’t be there, they love the kids in our neighborhood so much that they keep charging ahead. The darkness keeps pushing back, but they are undeterred. They love our community, and the best way to show their love is to introduce the little one’s and their parents to the Savior.

I am thankful that He sees it all. I love you, GBC.

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